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Bar About Us

We are a group of Bar room and Bar Lounge specialists who wish to educate everyone on how to act at a bar or lounge for your safety, and others as well as how to get to notch service all the time from your server, bartender, and door hosts. Many times when you turn the age of drinking it is hard to to know where to go, how to act, and what to get, even how to treat others. But here at Bar Lounge Etiquette we already have the technology, the experience, and now we can pass them all on to you.

Here we will let you know what the best practices are and how you can take full advantage of your local dive, pub, club, or lounge.

We also find the best beers, mixed drinks, wine, and anything else bar related that you might find interesting or worth your time. Our goal is to increase your experience in the bar and lounge world.

What you can see in our site will also be reviews on clubs, bars, and lounges in your area where they can advertise with our site and tell you in their own words what they are about. You can also go to each bar and lounge we have and review

And remember, DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!!