Amber & Amber Rose at the Skydive Lounge in Riverside, California

Amber and Amber Rose at the Skydive Lounge in Riverside, California.

Amber and Amber Rose at the Skydive Lounge in Riverside, California.

Amber and Amber Rose had a tie for bartenders of the week but both of the would not play Rock, Paper, Scissors for the winner. So for our first bartenders of the week we had to break our rules and allow both of them to be the winner.

Both Amber (the Blonde) and Amber Rose (The Brunette) have been at the sky dive lounge for over a year and both are the sweetest tenders you have even met. Both have been more thn welcoming and both are bar tenders at the Skydive Lounge.

Amber has a very sweet personality and will cater to all of your needs, at the bar she enjoys playing 3-Ball with the the rest of the players and has a great ear for conversation as long as it is not busy. Amber enjoys every thing outside including sports anything that gets her out in the California sun. She is a huge fan of the California Angels, and the Baltimore Ravens. Driving in the extreme  landscape in a jeep and going down to the beach and chilling out.

If amber was day then Amber rose is night she is a little bit more of a dark and happy personality, she regulates and loves her customers as if they are family. She will take it and give it back and as long as you are respectful she is your best friend. She enjoys eating out (Doesn’t matter what) just as long as its a great cuisine. dancing at at place she can whether its a night club or on her own. She is a huge movie buff and enjoy s all cinema chilling on the couch and being a log. But she is also active much like Amber and is more of a hippy nature animal going swimming and Kayaking.

Both are huge part of the Skydive lounge business which is a hold in the wall dive bar in Riverside but it own great business, great bartenders, and even greater customers.


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