California Black Box Wines

California Black Box Wines

California Black Box Wines

You cant find these wines at a bar or club but for boxed wines these California Black Box wines have been a huge hit across California and winos around. Usually the only advantage of boxed wines are the low cost pricing, easy stack storage, economically minimal wastes but usually lack any type of taste or tact.

But the Black Box Wines have people loving boxed wines once again and have brought back extremely flavorful and delicious tastes to boxed wine. If you are a wine connoisseur you might find this wine too playful, fun , or even fruity but the flavor is enough for the regular man or woman to enjoy wine for the delicious tastes and not for the aged complicated flavors that most old bottled wine from specific areas bring.

Let’s be honest most people can not tell the difference between good or bad tasting aged wines coming from France, Italy, or even California. So for the common person who enjoys wine and does not need the complicated prestige taste the California Black Box Wines could be the right wine for you.

Each box is 3 liters and comes with a convenient pull out spout like most boxed wines but the bag itself is completely air derived and will keep the wine preservation to a maximum. When you get to the end of the box you can poke a hole or cut the top of the bag to get every drop out, these boxed wines are perfect for parties and gatherings, we would not recommend getting a full 3 litter box for yourself unless you need a couple glasses of wine each day. Best storage for your boxed wine will be your refrigerator at all times.

California Black Box Wines also has a 500 ml small box version that is more for a personal wine experience. Be these small boxes once opened will last one a day or 2 so we suggest you finish it quickly, makes a great dinner wine or end of the day amount.

For the 3 liter Black Boxed Wine goes for any where between 20 and 40 dollars the most common price has been 25 dollars per box, and for the smaller boxes or Tetra packs those go for about 5 dollars.

The fan favorites and most common flavors that people are getting is Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

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