Customer Guide

To be a true patron of Bar, Clubs, and Lounges you must figure out the hidden secret codes for a successful brilliant fun night. Here you can find many tips to make your life easier when ordering drinks, running a tab, making sure you get great service, and how to interact with the surrounding people. If you or others have been drinking a little too much then these simple tips can keep you safe, sober, and on the go.

It is important to make sure that your server or bartender is happy and one of the ways you can make them happy other than tipping more is to make their job much easier. Make them realize you empathize with their job and they are an important part of your overall bar, club or lounge experience.

If this is a local food and bar business then it is even more important that you keep a VIP status with them so that you can reap all the opportunities they have to offer.

Always keep an open mind and a special place for your servers or bartenders heart. Some times a bar is a best place to celebrate as well as confide in your problems and as long as you are not abusing alcohol then these places can be your second home.