Billiards – 3 Ball

Three Ball Rack

Three Ball Rack

This is a great game even more for gambling here is what you do, set up three balls on the breaking spot, every one of them must be touching and break them out at the end of the kitchen (The invisible line at the end of the table) and make all three balls in the least amount of shots. This is a great game for multiple people. Even more of a great game if you are gambling not that we want you too but depending on what state it may be legal.

The great thing about this 3-Ball game is that you can have unlimited amount of players and if there is a tie at the end it is a roll over, including the cash if that is what you are playing for most people play for a dollar a game but you can play for .25 cents  or even 5 bucks and it will not break the bank.

This is a great game if you have multiple people to play pool with and to make it more interesting you can play for cash or for kids Oreo cookies.

So just to recap on the rules.

First rack the balls with the rack or by hand on the regular breaking spot, and the breaking white ball should be placed behind the second diamond on the other side.

Once you break you sink all three balls or what is left on the table on the least amount of shots.

Once you have made all of your shots its is recorded but most will cap off at 5 or 6 shots. A great top shot will sink all three balls on the break but the normal is around 1 on the break and two after the break which makes for a 3.  The average is 4, one break then you sink all three balls on the table for 4 shots. The break counts as one shot.

Then the player that just shot must rack the next shot and all balls must be touching on the breaking spot, if they are not you can ask for a re-rack.

If there is a tie then it is a roll over and the next round commences.

When the next round starts the winner must break first if it is a roll over the winner from the past game still breaks first. If the winner is the last player the original first break player must rack first.

You can play this game all day and all night.