Darts – 01 Games



Darts 01 games is a great game among players usually if a bar, lounge, or club has a dart board they are electronic which makes this game very simple. since the electronic dart boards will calculate everything for you automatically but if you are using the regular dart boards with metal tips then you will probably need a score keeper.

You need a basic dart board with numbers and three darts, this is much better if each player has his or her own darts. And if it is not an electronic dart board you will need a piece of paper to put names down and points, some dart boards also come with chalk boards to keep score.

This game is easy, every player from 1 to 8 (you can go more but the waiting time is much longer) starts off with 301, 501, or 701 points. First person to count all the way to exactly zero with the darts wins.

Each player will take a turns throwing three darts per turn or inning. Once all three darts are thrown the points are counted up and recorded.

Points are tallied up and added after every inning until the first player to  score the exact number whether it be 310, 501, or 701.

If you go over the exact number then you have Busted and will need to redo that last turn over in the next round and any points accumulated will be stricken off the board to the original score before you threw your darts.

Points are accumulated the same in most dart games the bulls is 50 points, the thin outer rim of the board is double points and the middle smaller ring is triple points.

This game is great for beginners who are not consistently accurate since if you miss the number you are aiming at there is a good possibility that you will hit another number. The best way to play with 4 people or you can even have teams of 2 per turn.