Heady Topper Beer, Hard To Find But Worth it

Heady Topper Great Double IPA Beer

Heady Topper Great Double IPA Beer

Heady Topper is a very good and interesting beer, brewed in Vermont and in a can this festive beer is clean Double IPA.A very good combination of hops and citrus this beer is not over powering nor it it overly strong, the can seems to be its only limitation but goes down smooth.

Extremely refreshing and packs a pretty good punch. This beer also has a good combination of a raw make with a fresh taste.

Only comes in a 16 ounce can and a little hard to find but worth the price as well as the search. But if you are a beer connoisseur and love a good fresh Double IPA (I know that sounds weird) then Heady Topper is definitely for you.

Author: Bar Lounge Etiquette

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