Old Faithful Bacardi & Coke

Bacardi Rum and Coke

Bacardi Rum and Coke

For our first mixed drink review we are going to go with an old classic and faithful the basic Bacardi and coke is one of the best drinks for men. It’s a good stiff drink that you can order anywhere and all bars carry white Bacardi rum.

Beware the bad imitations and always go with a good rum like Bacardi the reason why is other non-name brand rums can be weak, or give you horrible hangovers the next day.

Because most rums are high in sugar you can counter act that with a lime or use Diet Coke or Pepsi. The best way to drink a rum and Coke is 1 shot of rum and 3/4 part coke.

Some bars (even though they are not supposed too) will over pour a rum and Coke because it is such a common drink.

A Rum and Coke tastes sweet with a hint of a hard alcohol flavor which is enough to pinch your taste buds and not too over powering it will make you choke.

Author: Bar Lounge Etiquette

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